Welcome to Kaname!

Osaka Daito Clinic is in Suminodo, Daito-city, Osaka. 5 minites on foot from JR Gakkentoshi Line, Suminodo Station.


Nara Tomio Clinic is 16 mins on foot away from Kintetsu Railway Nara Line, Tomio Station.
 You can have authentic  Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Treatment.
 The therapist can speak English.
 Our Patients are from variety of countries as below,
The UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Canada,
The USA, Israel, Australia, Ghana, Bhutan, Korea, New Caledonia, NZ...etc.


We are one of the few clinics where you can take a treatment in English around Osaka and Nara area.
If you are looking for a good place to have a treatment for your health, please feel free to contact us!

Don't  you find it hard to talk about your health in Japanese to your doctor or therapist?

A lot of people visit Japan nowadays.

Many people from foreign countries live in Japan.

When you have a trouble with your health in Japan, you might be a little confused, because in many clinics, especially acupuncture clinics there are not any therapists that can speak English well.

In the scenes you have a treatment for your health, it's relieving for you to be able to have a communication in your language, isn't it?

In our clinics you don't have to be worried about it.

English is available here.



For Pain

Acupuncture and moxibustion work for pain as below, 


back pain, lower back pain, sciatica, stiff neck, arthritis, knee pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder,  sports injuries and any kind of neuralgia...etc


Both of acute pain and chronic pain can be treated.


Acute pain needs to be treated 1 to 3 times.


Chronic pain needs to be treated once or twice a week, 

the treatments get less as the pain gets better.


  Other kinds of pain could be treated.

Please ask us, if you have any question.



For other complaints

Acupuncture work for not only pain, but also symptoms as below.


 Digestive disorders - indigestion, nausea, heartburn, constipation


Stress, anxiety, depression


 Menstrual and menopausal disorders, as painful periods, hot flushes, PMS, and etc


  Insomnia and chronic fatigue


  Headaches and migraines ...etc


   Acupuncture often works for symptoms that don't have  clear causes with the Western medicine, because Traditional Oriental Medicine focuses on your general body condition, not only a part of your body.

Treatment is aimed at the root of your body condition.


For your maintenance

 You can have acupuncture, even if you don't have any specific complaints.

 Oriental medicine works very well to maintain your body condition.               


Daily stresses, lifestyle and eating habits make us loose our natural balance and lead us to physical and emotional issues.

  Acupuncture can take the natural balance of your body and maintain your health.


  Moreover, Acupuncture make you feel relaxed and release your stress, so you can keep your health physically and mentally.


  Many people are struggling with daily stress and fatigue nowadays. I recommend you acupuncture to maintain your body and mentality.