flows of treatment

1. Please fill in an inquiry sheet.


Write the detail about your complaints and your body history, please.






In our clinic, we always examine your body condition very carefully especially in your first session.

We ask you a lot of questions about your health and daily life.

It is very important to find causes of your complaints.

We spend a lot of time for this.

While doing this, relax and calm down your nervousness, please.

3. Orthopedic Palpation


Check your body from the point of view about orthopedics.

(Only if you are suffering from some sort of pain.)

4. Pulse examination


We check your pulse on your wrists.

This is an examination from the point of view about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We can get so much information about your body and mentality from this inquiry.

It includes what you are unconscious of.


5. Tongue Examination


This is also Oriental Medical examination.

Your tongue shows the condition of your digestion, diet and blood circulation...etc.

6.Abdominal Examination


Checking how tense your abdominal muscles.

This is an inquiry of Japanese Traditional Medicine.

It shows how well your organs are working.


*We can do this on your clothes, if you mind.

7. Meridian Examination


Touch and check the condition of meridians and acupuncture points.

These shows some information about your body condition.

8. Explain an approximate plan for your fast recovery.


We do this to let you imagine how often you need to take treatments. 

9. Giving Acupuncture treatment


We only choose a few treatment points (1-4 points).

Sometimes we use moxibustion to warm up your body.

10. Check how you feel after the treatment.


After giving acupuncture, we check how you feel your symptoms.

 We always do the best to show how your body and mentality change.

Sometimes it might be hard to feel the difference just at the time. In that case we explain how your condition will change as the time goes by.

11. Explain how your recovery will go. 


It is very important for you to know how you will recover.

You can feel relieved when you know how your condition is going to be.

We would like you to be positive.

Imagining you will be well always pushes your recovery.

We believe this is an important part of treatment.