Nori Obata

Owner therapist

Nationally certified Acupuncturist (since 2009)

Graduated from Yukioka College of Acupuncture


Opened Osaka Daito Clinic in 2013.

Opened Nara Tomio Clinic in 2019.

Since I started working as an acupuncturist, I have had more than 20,000 treatment sessions.

Those sessions include many cases of foreign patients.


I learned English in Kobe City University of foreign studies. (Dropped out)

I taught Japanese in New Zealand for 1 year as a Japanese Assistant Teacher.

Since then, I have kept learning English by myself,

and I had a lot of opportunities to treat foreign patients and speak English here in our clinic. Thanks to those patients, I am still brushing up my language skill as well as acupuncture skill. I appreciate you.


I treat variety of complaints.

If you are wondering whether your complaints are appropriate for acupuncture treatment, please feel free to ask us.